Your Customers Are Searching For You.
  Can They Find You?

  • 78% of all automotive service jobs
    begin with an internet search through either Google or Bing.

  • 90% of all customers go to the shops that appear in the top search results whether they are the best in town or not.

Repair shops who rely on real world advertising or "it worked before" methods of customer acquisition will find their customer base gradually shrink until their bays sit unused. Don't let your competitors kill your business.

Pay Per Click:

While most marketing devices require time and penetration in order to create new business, Pay Per Click allows shops of all sizes to begin reaching new customers tomorrow. Our service, developed over a decade of performance on behalf of companies small and large, balances a commitment to optimize ad spend and return on your investment. Budgets can start as low as $10 a day

The best digital advertising campaign is useless if your reputation is being attacked every day in online reviews.

Reputation Management:

Nothing can tank a company faster than bad online reviews. Our reputation monitoring program will track your reviews weekly and notify you of any reviews that need your immediate response.

So you're getting new customers and business is steady. You've aligned their SUV, but will they come back for their oil change? Our customer retention program helps you create lifeline customers

Social Media Marketing:

Facebook penetration has never been higher and the chances that your customers are there are very good. The wonderful thing about Facebook's flexibility is that you can target individual customers with messages based on their service, even oil change reminders every 90 days. Don't let them go back to Google or Bing, remind them that you're waiting to server all their automotive repair needs.

Email Marketing:

Email marketing for customer retention is the most cost effective way for shops of all sizes to keep their customers. Monthly or bi-weekly email notices with special offers etc. usually find a receptive audience when messages are tailored to their existing customer base. For example, a simple note of gratitude can create strong feelings in your customers, "We'd like to thank you for trusting us with your car care", etc.

By spending equal time on getting new customers AND retaining them, we know that you're bays will be full in no time, Contact Us To Get Started