Summer Special – Three Myths That Keep Accountants From Digital Advertising

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You Are Here:Summer Special – Three Myths That Keep Accountants From Digital Advertising

When you’ve have been providing digital marketing services for over a decade like we have,
we begin to see a pattern of reasons why an industry does or doesn’t do advertising. Its really
quite strange, Accountants do not advertise on Google, Bing, or Facebook. Its not an anomaly, its
not just some markets, its almost a rule.

While there are at least a thousand accountant related searches in a market, more often or not there are
no accountants advertising for that business. This leaves all the new business to go to the first listing
under the map or the first regular search result. To a digital marketing experts who have worked in industries
like new and used cars this just doesn’t make sense.

What we do know after talking to a few of you is that there are three myths keeping them from hiring a digital marketing firm.
Here they are.

1. Too much growth too fast
We understand that a majority of accounting firms have 4 or less employees and the idea of throwing the taps open on growth can be scary. It doesn’t have to be. We have numerous levers that we can throw in order to make sure that your growth is
MANAGEABLE and that’s all that matters.

2. Its Too Expensive
What many firms don’t understand is the level of control we have over your spend. While we could take the lazy way through and just put the max daily budget in and hold our breath, our corporate beliefs stipulate that our first goal must be your return on investment. We know that if you’re losing money with no growth, you will not be a client for long.

3. I tried to do it myself and it didn’t work.
Can we ask a small question? What would you say if I told you I wanted to do my own taxes? Bad idea right? Of COURSE it is. Google and the IRS aren’t much different. They know that they want the average business owner to use their system but over the years, the system has grown amazingly complex. There are so many pitfalls that a person could fall into that could cost them money with zero results that its no surprise they walk away disappointed.

We’ve heard the horror stories of business owners being taken for a ride by unscrupulous marketing firms that are more than happy to grease their bottom-lines instead of helping their clients grow. We understand implicitly that the only way you’ll remain with us as a client is if you’re doing well. That’s why we believe in investing in our clients for the long hall.

What is our solution? Its so simple that its shocking no one employs it more often. The solution is dedicated people. Not people dedicated to our company, no, dedicated to our clients. If you have any question or concern, you’ll have an expert you can call that can and will give you the advice you need to make an informed decision. That’s the Andrian way.

In order to add a little incentive we are now offering 50% off our management fees for the first three months of a six month contract andthe firstĀ  10 clients will receive $150 in free advertising for their first month’s service.

Call now at 1-866-990-8155! We look forward to hearing from you!

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