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Prospective Clients Are Searching For You.   Can They Find You?

Every second of every hour of every day, someone searches to find something they want or need. Whether it is a product or a service, it doesn’t matter. 78% of all engagements with business starts with on-line search. The question is, if people are searching for what you do right now, can they find you? If the answer is no or not all the time, then we can help!

Why Andrian Marketing?
We have decades of experience developing Digital Marketing Campaigns and Strategies for clients of all sizes. As experts in Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Website Optimization, we know how to put a client’s advertising dollars to work so they can bring home more dollars.

With our decades of experience using online search industry best practices plus our data-driven stock market heritage combined with our proven marketing philosophy of being First, Best & Often, Blue Karat is your Digital Marketing Partner.

Digital Marketing is a market-driven numbers game. People must be searching online using search terms that trigger your ads to show. Our job is to show your ads to the maximum potential of your market. Anything less and opportunity losses can occur. This is why “First” is such a big deal to us. First you must be seen. Just like the lottery, you can’t win if you don’t play. You can’t gain clients from the internet (which is where they ALL are) if you are not there. First, you must be seen.

Being present on the web used to be a bell and whistle, now it is business critical. Having a strong web presence is perceived as a sign of respectability and authority. It creates trust. When a client goes to the web and looks for you – they better find you. If they can’t find you, it most likely will break that trust. Your ads do more for your business than just act as a portal to your website. They help your reputation.

Speaking of bells and whistles, the search engines are full of them. Just like professionals who use their skills to the best of their clients advantage, we use all the best practices available to us to give our clients ads the best digital web presence possible.

It never ceases to amaze us when we do market research and we see companies represented in search that aren’t using all of the functionality that Google has created for their advertisers. As certified Google AdWords digital marketing professionals, we are constantly looking for ways to use the best practices that Google and the other search engines have designed to give our clients the leading edge.

For a business to be successful, remember when it was all about location, location, location? Well, things don’t change, only the times do. Today, your website IS your office. It is your digital office. It is where 86% of your clients will visit you first.  You still want that great location. Only now, it’s on the web! That’s why you need to be seen online Often.  This is what Often means to us. Every time a potential customer searches for you or your industry on the internet, you must be there. Whether it is on the Search Network or on the Display network, our clients are there!

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