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No matter what your business is, be it Retail, Service, or Hospitality, there is one immutable fact that applies. People use Google to find you! The sad truth is that if you don't rank in the top 2 positions, your are receiving les than 1% of the available market. You could be missing out on hundreds of customers every month! Our program guarantees top two results for all search terms in any market or your money back.
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Google's trademark advertising platform offers something that no other medium can.
Customer Targeting.

While radio, TV, and Print advertising may have been king, Google now reigns supreme. Click the link below to find out more about how Google's Customer Targeting helps businesses small and large in any field!
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Your best customer is your existing customer! Long term sales have never been easier to achieve than right now. Facebook gives any size business unparalleled access to their customers and their friends and family and heretofore unseen opportunities to keep their customers connected. Don't let this important avenue be relegated to the reception desk or as an afterthought for the sales department. Our dedicated Facebook program stays focused so you don't have too.
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Fort Myers Marketing

The Internet provides Fort Myers businesses what radio, television, print, even the yellow pages can’t offer; targeted, track able, affordable results.

In order to achieve the highest possible return on investment for the development of new customers and retaining them, it is important for small business owners to take advantage of three key elements in an overall internet marketing plan.

Fort Myers SEO

Google search has transformed the way people travel, shop, and take care of their every day needs.  It has firmly replaced the yellow pages as the go to source for information on everything.  While Pay Per Click  advertising using Google Adwords will get your website onto the first page of Google Search results, the lions share of traffic goes to the websites that appear in the map and organic listings.

Andrian Marketing has developed a method using tried and true search engine optimization techniques that works with Google’s best practices to provide optimal results.

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PPC Fort Myers

Pay Per Click advertising is perhaps the greatest boon to small businesses in the past 20 years.  But PPC advertising is more than just ads in search results, the Google search network includes thousands of websites across the world that use Google ads to supplement their revenue.  This allows small businesses to compete locally, nationally, even globally for a small fee per click.

While Google owns 80% of the search market, it is important for small businesses to take advantage of the PPC programs offered by Bing and Facebook as well.

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Fort Myers Social Media Marketing

There is no better way to communicate and retain your customer base than through the use of social media like Facebook and Twitter.   These social media outlets allow customers to share what they like with friends and family, but also allow them to communicate instantly with businesses they use providing instant feedback for their products and services.  While on the surface it may seem like this is a job for someone in your office or on your floor there can be no substitute for professional social media marketing services provided by someone who is dedicated to your brand.

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Pre-Season Special

Season is just around the corner, are you ready?

Andrian Marketing is offering an unheard of fall special for Southwest Florida businesses.

For a limited time you can receive all of our Internet Marketing services for only $500!

Services Include but are not limited to:

Fort Myers SEO

Get your website ranked for all the search terms that potential customers use to find your products or



Fort Myers Social Media Marketing

We craft customized Facebook pages for all our clients and create unique strategies to ensure they

receive all the benefits that Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube offer.


PPC Fort Myers

Pay Per Click advertising offers better return on investment than radio, tv, and print.  Let us do a full analysis on your

business to see just how many customers you are missing out on every month.  Have an existing campaign?  We specialize

in finding customers that other companies miss.  Let us perform a free analysis of your account.


Fort Myers Email Marketing

Email still reigns supreme as the best way to keep in touch with your customers.  We specialize

in custom email templates for all of our customers with an eye towards brand recognition and website



That’s Facebook, SEO, Email Marketing services, and Google Adwords, Bing, and Facebook PPC for only $500!

As an added incentive, the first two companies who take advantage of this amazing offer will receive $100 in

Adwords credit absolutely free!  That’s a value of over $1500 for only $500.


Don’t wait get ready for season and $100 in free Google Advertising now.

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